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Shamanic Healing

Many people in the world have practiced shamanism for 50,000 years in many different forms. Our modern religions come from shamanic traditions. They themselves maintain the traditions which merely seek to reconnect human with the Spiritual world and seek answers from that world. The name given to the unseen sacred is up to the individual. The "shaman" is "one who knows" and one who connects with God, the trees, or a great stillness of wisdom.

Shamanic healing draws from the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples the world over. Within this framework, problems and unhappiness come from a loss of energetic power, fragmentation within the Soul, or disconnection from one's own spiritual guidance, intuition, and the greater world of the sacred. These issues can lead to feelings of depression or lethargy, anxiety, and relationship problems. Many people would say their lives are "just fine" but lack meaning and feel beyond their control.

From a shamanic perspective, we need to re-enchant every day life and infuse our lives with the sacred, whatever that means to us individually. It can mean taking quiet time in nature, engaging in ecstatic dance, meditation, or prayer. It can involve the simple yet powerful action of creating some peaceful area in our home where we can sit in quiet solitude and dream every day.

In a shamanic healing session, you and I will discuss the issues you would like to address. They can include emotional, physical, Spiritual, or any every day situation you'd like to work on. I then will take an hour on my own to journey to the Spirit world to gather information about the issues you have brought. We then will meet and talk about what I have been shown. If you choose to continue, we will go into an energetic healing session. You can sit or recline and you remain fully clothed. Techniques include scanning the energy field, extracting negative or blocking energies, and using the rattle to clear the energy field and open the chakras. We will discuss any techniques before proceeding.

I hope you will sense a deep connection with the sacred and your own deepest wisdom every day of your life. If you need an anam cara to walk the first steps with you, I am here.

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