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Postures and Process to Celebrate Life's Little Deaths

Throughout life, we complete cycles and experience endings. We may honor these transitions or we may not even notice their significance. Each ending provides teachings for how we cope with goodbyes and thus how we prepare ourselves for new experiences and growth in our lives.

In this day long workshop, Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Deborah Gilman, joins me to create a day of Iyengar yoga, expressive arts, and shamanic process. Through experiential exercises and verbal processing, we will dive into our most recent completion or an ending from the past that does not feel completed. We will integrate the poses to amplify insights and to provide new teachings.

No prior yoga or expressive arts experience is necessary. Any level of physical ability welcome. Men and women welcome!

Wood carving from pub, Co. Cork.

Integrative Work for Women At a Crossroads in Relationship

Many women, whether gay or straight, face crisis points in their marriage. These are pivotal moments that can provide deep transformation and growth, no matter what decision is made about the relationship. Signs you may be at this point can include breaking previous agreements for the relationship, feeling complacent in the relationship, becoming jealous of other relationships, even fictional ones, or developing depression or sexual problems.

It can be challenging to dive into these crisis points in a balanced way. Often women try to push the material aside or they start acting on the thoughts and feelings with affairs and fantasies of running away. If the issues have been pushed even deeper, physical aches and pains or illness may manifest.

In this weekend workshop, a team of women who have experienced these stages of marriage will join together to mentor you as you navigate this treacherous yet beautiful wilderness. Yoga, trance dancing, expressive arts, journaling, and shamanic techniques will guide you into a deeper awareness of yourself and hopefully move you toward some clarity about your situation.

This workshop is appropriate for any woman who senses a crisis in her partnership or may be considering separation or divorce. It may also help a woman who feels unhappy in her relationship or sometimes think there can be more to love. Each weekend will work with women of a certain age range. Visit the calendar page to find the weekend that is best for you.

Sheela Na Gig, ancient goddess of Ireland. May have been associated with mothering, protecting from evil, and honoring the sacred feminine.
Photo taken at Bunratty Castle, Co. Clare.



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