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Intentional Travel

Cultural Immersion, Shamanic Training, and Personal Transformation

Some travel to see sites, others travel to learn about themselves. Intentional travel involves both of these but adds an element of Spiritual journeying through setting a clear and specific focus for the time abroad. These journeys then become an experience of transformation and healing for all involved. They may include fun and site seeing and yet you will focus on transformation of self and place. Here are two tours offered by Creative Journeys.

Healing the Energies of a Place

Co. Kerry, Ireland
Some ruins hold layers of pain and energies that need to be cleared.

Many people look at a castle or house ruin and see just that: an old delapidated building. Others can sense that Spirits in and around the building harbour pain and sorrow. These Spirits may include human ancestors who have passed on and the Spirits within the trees, stones, and the land and building itself. These painful energies then emanate into the area and can affect livestock and people living nearby.

When people go to the place and offer prayers and ritual and joy, the Spirits of the place begin to heal and emit positivity into the energetic field.
This can reverberate throughout the entire network of the planet. Many indigenous people have taught us that this healing is not only our responsibility as beings who rely on the planet for survival but can also greatly improve our own health and happiness.

Many of our ancient ancestors believed that everything has a spirit; whether a human being, an animal, a stone, or a tree. Indigenous wisdom also holds that we are all connected and that the energy of each being reverberates and affects every other being. When we work with the Spirits of place, we ourselves may experience healing and transformation.

I have begun the process of scouting out places in Ireland where the spirits are reaching out for attention and healing. In a group, we can impact place energies and at the same time experience connection and yes a bit of craic (Irish for fun and recreation) at the same time. On this tour, we will focus on clearing and working with several locations. Participants will learn and develop skills that they can use in the future.

Nature provides ideas for offerings to a place

Connecting With the Ancestors Through Traditional Irish Music

Traditional Irish music provides a powerful portal into the heart of the Irish ancestors. The music itself is intense and rich with story and feeling. The process of truly stepping into the tradition can provide an experience of dissolving ego and connecting with one's wild and untamed self.

Many people experience the outer layer of the traditional Irish music experience when they visit their local pub or travel to Ireland. The outer layer includes great musicians playing at colorful pubs with many tourists clapping along.

With Creative Journeys, however, we will travel to the deeper levels of the experience. In doing so, we will connect with shadow aspects of ourselves, and we will connect with the ancestors. The music has teachings to offer if we listen with our third ear.

This journey include specific intention-setting, lectures blending teaching about the music and working with your intention, and playing the music if you so desire. We will visit the pubs not in the tour books and interact closely with musicians who embody the very heart and Soul of this rich tradition.

Intentional traditional music tours are perfect for people with no musical abilities and no Irish ancestry as well as for people who already play the music and have any Celtic blood. Please visit the calendar page for upcoming tour dates.

Cead Mile Failte!
A Thousand Welcomes!

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