Welcome Home

You have taken the first step toward a journey home to yourself. It's a journey that often leads to a greater sense of happiness and connection to oneself, to others, and to the greater whole. Traveling the path inward can result in feeling less alone and more supported and guided in every decision. With this empowerment and peace comes increased physical and mental health, happier relationships, and a more solid sense of self.

Sometimes the journey involves talking from the heart and working through problems in creative ways in psychotherapy or in a group. When another listens and witnesses with full presence and soul, they become an anam cara or Soul friend, and that experience in itself provides healing.

Sometimes the journey involves traveling in the mind to shift energy or physically traveling to another land in generosity and to deepen one's own knowledge of self.

Whatever journey you choose, may you find your anam cara, within yourself or another.

Inner and
outer adventures
for the
creative mind, the mindful Spirit, and the spirit

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